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Emergency work - Rockaway

Following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, CMS worked closely with the New York City School Construction authority to get many schools back in working order and continue to work on numerous schools affected by the hurricane. 

Bureau of Supplies - Queens

The New York City Board of Supplies central headquarters was another building adversely affected by the hurricane.  CMS installed a 600HP temporary boiler with a custom stainless steel chimney. 

Theodore Roosevelt HS - Bronx


CMS was the General Contractor at the historic Roosevelt HS Boiler Conversion project.  Four high pressure brick set boilers were removed in order to accomodate the installation of three Burnham 400HP Scotch Marine boilers.  Shown here is the installation of the 14" welded gas meter room exhaust piping. 

Bronx Regional HS - Bronx


CMS was the General Contractor for the Bronx Regional HS Boiler Conversion and Climate Control replacement project.  CMS installed (3) Burnham 199HP Firebox boilers along with a custom Etter duplex gas booster. 

Beach Channel HS - Queens

Beach Channel HS.JPG

CMS is the General Contractor at Beach Channel HS, one of the city schools most dramatically affected by the hurricane.  CMS installed (4) 300HP Burnham 4 Pass Scotch Marine boilers.  The boiler room, one of the New York City school system's largest, was demolished and rebuilt in its entirety in under (9) months.  Pictured above is the rigging of the boiler feed tank, one of the four boilers, and a 50ft 18" steam header with all valves bolted that weighed in at close to 12,000lbs.  

PS 116 - Manhattan

CMS was the General Contractor at PS 116m Boiler & Climate Control Conversion located on 33rd St in the heart of NYC.  Shown here is the newly built gas meter room.   

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